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Wake. Dance. Praise. 

What is it exactly that lights you up? When do you find your self shining the brightest?


It took me a while to find my shine. Mostly because I was so afraid of failure. 


And then I experienced what it feels like to fly. Truthfully, I've experienced both.

But the important part is this: We cannot fly without a willingness to risk falling. And when we fly we cannot help but shine. 

If you're ready to  break free from a crippling fear of falling and live life with more shine, to pursue big dreams and goals,  then it's absolutely time to gain clarity and confidence to fly!

This is your invitation to shine your brightest.

"Arise! Let your light shine for others to see for the spirit of the Lord has risen to shine upon you." - Isaiah 60:1 

It's time to shine my friend. Let's find your shine together! 

- Tallis

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