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Wake. Dance. Praise. 
Three Women

Welcome to Arise! 

Are you a woman in ministry? Or do you lead a team of women in business? Or do you have a group of friends you desire to gather and grow with?

What better way to unite as a group and get creative energy flowing than with a high energy dance party? Arise is a beautiful practice of worship and dance that will jumpstart your event, strategic planning, or gathering with friends. 

I am a dancer, and have been all of my life. And while Arise is inspired through dance, you do not need to be a dancer to enjoy Arise. Most participants aren't! It's not about doing the right steps. It's about being available and willing to leave the rest to God. 

What I've learned in this journey so far is that amazing things happen when we Arise. I'd love to lead you and your community or team as you rediscover what God has in store for you!

Contact me about booking a dynamic keynote or workshop for your event in 2024! 

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